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MULYONO Kitchen Equipment is a private company that active in sale agent ( product distributor brand GEA ( commercial refrigeration) , GETRA ( kitchen equipment) RSA Home Appliances.
Founded since January 2009, start from our willing to serves entrepreneur need restauran medium scale downwards to fulfill device need cooks ( kwali range, installation ducting grease trap. along business development restauran, hotel, cafe, and fast food saji faster, so Mulyono Kitchen develop the mainstay products thera are :
1) commercial kitchen food processing equipment ( with brand getra gea) :

cooking equipment / device cooks
- gas kwali range
- steamer
- gas open burner
- electric deep fryer
- gas deep fryer
- griddle
- broiler
- gas boiling pan, electric smokehouse, tilting kettle/ pan
- commercial pressure cooker rice cooker
- duck roaster, rottisseries, kebabs grill
- gas barbeque w eunuch burner

meat processing equipment / meat processor tool
- meat slicer
- meat grinder
- bone may allah bless him and give him peace
- s/ s poultry feather remover sausage filler
- meat balls maker

fruits vegetable processing equipment / fruit processor tool vegetable
- soy bean milk machine
- fruits cutter universal fritter
- potato pealer, meat seasoning mixer paste grinder
- juice extractor sugar cane presser
- orange presser, coconut grader, coconut milk machine
- noodle maker

pothouse, cor baffle grease filter

commercial refrigeration ( freezer cooler)
- chest freezer
- showcase cooler
- menyplay cooler
- wine cooler
- juice dispenser
- ice cube
- ice planer
- supermarket/ minimarket refrigeration
- stainless steel upright chiller/ freezer
- stainless steel under counter freezer/ chiller
- cold room and many more

medical refrigeration:
- vaccine cooler / freezer
- mortuary cabinet
- blood bank refrigerator
- etc.

For further information / stock balances request calls us:
up. Mr. Mulyono
hp. 0815-8122369 / ( 021) 68322269
fax. ( 021) 4683-5555 / ( 021) 88-329113
email: mul73rsa@ yahoo. com

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